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This NETWORKing workshop, as proposed by Universidad Metropolitana (UMET) and its collaborative partner institution University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), will address faculty advancement and retention of women in STEM disciplines, aligned with NSF’s Career-Life Balance Initiative. The proposed workshop wishes to be the first of a series of conferences targeted to develop a Hispanic NETWORKing Project that through new explorations will promote academic institutional transformations, and new opportunities for research and knowledge.

The key goal of this workshop is to generate an open discussion among the academic institutions including key personnel in higher administrative positions and the STEM women to share perspectives, obtain ideas, discuss strategies and collect their recommendations aimed to develop and implement effective policies that help primarily early-career scientists and engineers improve their career-life balance and advancement.

This workshop is part of the NSF’s ADVANCE program to increase the participation and advancement of women in academic science and engineering careers. 

Co-PIs and Planning Team || Speakers from the 2012 Conference


For more information on the NSF ADVANCE  Hispanic Women in STEM conference project, email:



The ADVANCE Portal
Universidad Metropolitana

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