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We are thankful for all of the supportive emails, calls, and discussions that have surrounded this initiative! If you would like to make a comment about the subject matter or how discussion of these issues can make an impact, please feel free to comment here.  If you are  are interested in the possibility of future activities that focus on advancing Hispanic women in the academy, please take a minute to leave a comment. If you would like to share an update regarding your professional advancement, please share it here! (Please note that this is public website, and that your comments  will be publicly available.)

[Opportunities (professional conferences, faculty internships, funding for students, opportunities to write, etc., can be posted via this link: Anyone can contribute opportunities.]

  1. Karoline Rios-Rodriguez permalink

    Hi I am Karoline Rios-Rodriguez, a graduate student of Dr. Beatriz Zayas and member of her research group at Universidad Metropolitana in PR. I am currently in an internship in Germany at the German Cancer Research Center working at the lab of Dr. Harald zur Hausen, a novel prize in Physiology or Medicine 2008. Being part of Dr. Zayas research group has given me the opportunity to be invited to this international internship as well as other conferences in the US. I believe that being part of the Hispanic Women in STEM network in PR has open me doors and I hope to help other graduate students as well. THINK BIG!!

  2. NEW Conference listing:

    Dear colleagues,

    The XL Congress of Theoretical Chemists of the Latin Expression QUITEL 2014 will take place in the San Cristóbal Island, Ecuador from November 23 to November 30, 2014.
    This edition of the congress will provide an appropriate environment to:
    Review the most recent advances in the theoretical and computational chemistry field
    Communicate by short presentations and posters the work conducted by students and young scientists, and
    Generate scientific collaborations between the participants of the congress.
    The Organising Committee is pleased to invite the scientists of Latin America, Europe and the Entire World to be part of this event and to enjoy an unforgettable experience in the Enchanted Islands.

    Due to the numerous requests received from the QUITEL community, we are pleased to announce that the new deadline for abstract submissions for QUITEL 2014 is June 16th, 2014.

    In addition, please consider the following important dates:

    Early registration: 30th April 2014
    Notifications of accepted abstracts: 1st July 2014

    For information about registration, abstract submission and other information visit:

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    QUITEL 2014 Secretary

    Our mailing address is:

  3. Dr. Ingrid Montes
    Voted “Director-at-Large” for the 

    American Chemical Society, November 2012

     Professor, ChemistryUniversity of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras

    Dr. Montes was one of our speakers for the October 2012

    ADVANCE Hispanic Women in STEM Conference


  4. Dr. Carlos Padín

    Chancellor, Universidad Metropolitana

    Dr. Padín is one of the Co-PIs for the “ADVANCE
    Hispanic Women in STEM” project in Puerto Rico, and
    is an ADVANCE “Champion.”
  5. Hi to all women in science…Hoping to meet together again in another brilliant activity like the one in October. Further events would demonstrate our achievements since we received the past training. My special regards to Renetta and Beatriz for their efforts and commitment with us. Have a nice year full of achievements!

  6. Acabo de terminar mi primer semestre y estoy feliz. Espero poder encontrarme con las compañeras que conocí en la conferencia despues del 25 de febrero cuando voy a entregar mi primer semestre. Un saludo especial para todas!

  7. Idalis Villanueva permalink

    Saludos mujeres de ciencia! Tomo la oportunidad para dejarles saber sobre mis logros en los ultimos meses. En charlas con el decano sobre un cambio de titulo de instructora a profesora de investigacion, me ofrecieron hacer el cambio de titulo para final del semestre escolar con algunas condiciones. Aunque las condiciones de la oferta no es completamente lo que esperaba, la conferencia me ayudo a desarrolar estrategias que me van a ayudar a negociar esta posicion con el detalle y estrategia que se merece. A consecuencia de mi participacion en la conferencia, he conocido mentoras que me han ayudado a desarrollar un plan de accion profesional con el fin de aumentar mi visibilidad y direccion de investigacion. El trabajo ha sido arduo pero ha valido la pena. Recientemente me informaron que pase la primera ronda de unas becas que habia solicitado. La beca se enfoca en redisenar cursos usando teorias de instruccion y diseno. Esta beca llego a oidos del decano de mi colegio y el decano a nivel universitario! Hoy, recibi una notificacion por correo electronico en la cual se me invitaba a solicitar una beca formal con NSF en conjunto con el departamento de fisica de mi institucion. El hecho de haber sido considerada para estas oportunidades me motiva a empujar mas las bareras profesionales para poder ser un ejemplo para otras mujeres hispanas que aspiran un cambio de profesion. Estoy confiada de que estos pequenos logros me van a llevar a un camino exitoso y de mucho valor. Gracias, por darme la oportunidad de participar en esta conferencia y por darme las herramientas para lograr mis metas profesionales.

  8. Beatriz Zayas permalink

    Dear ADVANCE Hispanic Women in Science:
    I hope you are all ready for this new semester to continue with building our network of women in science and productive collaborations. Keep us posted of your achievements (publications, grants, awards) so that we can celebrate as well!!. Also take advantage of this network to promote activities that can benefit women in science as well as our students. A great example is the invitation that Dr. Lilliam Lizardi from Universidad del Este (UNE) has made to women faculties from local institutions to participate tomorrow Friday January 18th in a faculty developmental activity “Actividad de Desarrollo de Facultad: Innovando y Desarrollando su Carrera como Docente”. This conference is sponsored by the URGREAT-MBRS-RISE program that she directs. The timing of this conference is perfect as a new year and academic term initiates.
    Also thank you Renetta for updating us on the planned activities for this term and for keeping our Blog up to date.

  9. Beatriz Zayas permalink

    Thank you Karen. We have a strong group of women scientists in PR. We just need to to get together and let our ideas be heard. !!

  10. Karen Gonzalez permalink

    I am looking forward to the continuation of this effort. We must include the opinions and views of women administrators as well. It was evident from the response this weekend that we needed this kind of gathering in Puerto Rico. Congratulations to Beatriz and Renetta for putting this together.

  11. Delia Valles, Industrial Engineering permalink

    Attending the STEM Women of Color Conclave conference has giving me the support and encouragement to begin more conscious about retaining female students in STEM and the importance of improving diversity in our own institutions. In addition, it promotes a culture of pride as we interact with successful ladies. This conference highly motivated me to contribute a little bit in this culture of pride by becoming the faculty advisor of the Society of Women in Engineering at New Mexico State University. My plan is to continue mentoring and working with students and other female colleagues. I will do my best to help them succeed.

    Based on what this conference has giving me, I highly support the initiative and efforts that Renetta Tull and her colleagues are putting in organizing a conference of this caliber in Puerto Rico.

  12. Ivelisse Rubio, Computer Science Department, UPR, Rio Piedras permalink

    It is always good to have a place to network and discuss ideas about opportunities and challenges for women in science. I personally benefited a lot from the discussions and research opportunities of the ADVANCE program at the University of Puerto Rico, Humacao some years ago. I am sure that the leadership and experience that Renetta Tull brings to this project will make it a good opportunity for other Hispanic women in science.

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